Love Always, Abby


Love Always, Abby reached out to Rokusek to increase online sales and broaden her audience to be on a national level.


Love Always, Abby creates handcrafted preserved rose arrangements. The company was founded as a small-town brick and mortar flower shop. She noticed very quickly that almost everyone who received her preserved roses came back to buy one for someone else because they loved their own so much. She knew that she needed to make it possible for anyone to send the unique and lasting beauty of preserved roses.

Goal: Launch National Online Sales


Our Solution: Facebook Ad & Google Ad Campaigns


Facebook advertising played an essential role in finding new customers at a scalable cost per purchase. 

Facebook/Instagram Stories Carousel Ad Video Ad

Google advertising assured
through keyword research and product placement that Love Always, Abby’s products were visible when searched both directly and indirectly.

Google Search Ad Product Listing Ad

To propel conversions, facebook advertising was used to target specific interest groups as well as those who looked like visitors to site to ensure ads were seen by the optimal audiences. Google advertising keyword bidding facilitated in driving those wanting the product but did not know the name to site. A big part of both platforms was determining qualified images + videos for ad use that would incentivize a click to purchase. In one month, Love Always, Abby’s increase in revenue far exceeded her cost for digital marketing.  

Success Analytics: 

Total Revenue Increase of 87x
Conversions Increase of 67x
Conversion Rate Increase of 4.9x
Online Sessions Increase of 12x

As shown above, Rokusek was able to increase online sales drastically. Moving forward we will continue to expand our marketing strategy to expand Love Always, Abby’s reach as well as broaden her demographics. We thoroughly enjoy working with clients like Love Always, Abby, and very much look forward to our continued partnership.