Now that the London Olympics are old news, what did ‘you think about it? ‘Did you enjoy the display of world class athletes representing their countries for a shot at the gold, a chance to say they are the best in the world? I certainly did. What I did not enjoy however was the overall look and feel of the London Olympics. I wasn’t a fan of the wild jagged logo depicting the ‘2012’, but what bugged me the most was the logo type itself. It really felt like a train wreck. The lower case o’s were rounded, however the lowercase d and n had this really awkward angled lines in lieu of any rounded shape. I really didn’t understand what was supposed to be happening there. To me it had the same characteristic awkwardness of a nun trying to breakdance to Deadmaus….it’s just awkward, bizarre and not something anyone will probably get much out of….other than youtube views I guess. The unfortunate logotype constantly distracted me from the olympic games and i grew to hate it more and more each day.

My faith in olympic branding was salvaged thankfully when i first saw the logo for the 2016 Olympics. Gone, were the weird broken rounded shapes, now replaced by a beautiful rounded script with such fun energy and movement. They really got that one right (I’m gonna skip the part here where it’s highly possible the logo itself was actually ripped off from another that for some other blog post but you can reference that here) The website The Font Feed released a really cool look at the typeface that has been created for the 2016 Olympics which are to be held in Rio de Janeiro.

You’ll be glad to know the’firm used to create the typeface didn’t actually do…or ripoff according to some…the logo itself, however were hired to create a typeface based on the logo type. It’s not uncommon for a typeface to be custom made for a large project, however this typeface proved somewhat uncommon due to the fact that it is very much a script (handwritted) feel. Most serif and san serif fonts have very cut and dry type characteristics that apply to all characters. This handwritten font had to accomodate for the whimsical nature of handwritting by putting a great deal of extra attention into each individual letterform. The article goes behind the scenes with one of members of the team that created the typeface and gives you all kind of cool information where various type characteristics taken from the city of Rio itself.
Enough of me blabbin…

…check it out for yourself!

london olympic type
Typeface for the 2012 London Olympics, image courtesy of the Geekosystem
rio olympic type
Preview of the 2016 Rio Olympic Typeface. Image courtesy of The Font Feed.