Social media has become one of the greatest tools for brands to interact with their customers. For many brands, their social strategy consists of responding to customer complaints and publicizing any company announcements. But, how many brand accounts do you follow on Twitter? You probably follow your favorite doughnut shop just waiting for them to tweet about a BOGO or maybe you follow a local boutique that posts their latest sweaters. But, overall, we as consumers don’t typically follow brand social accounts on Twitter because they are BORING! Most companies are overly polite and fluffy with their posts and it is not entertaining.

Sorry to call out Microsoft and Lululemon, but see what I mean? Boring. Both Microsoft and Lululemon have millions of followers, yet they’re getting a couple hundred people to interact with their tweets? Bad engagement = bad content.

Many brands are breaking the social media norm and making a splash with their Twitter accounts. Specifically on Twitter, the average user is 15 – 35 years old, a young demographic. So, brands have shifted to a more witty and edgy social voice. Their tweets are funny, sassy and engaging, and consumers are eating it up. Social accounts that have an original voice, some personality and authenticity are easy to follow and be loyal to rather than some cookie cutter, automated response robot account.

Taylor’s Top 5 Brand Twitter Accounts:

#5 Denny’s

The all-night, after-bar food stop is rocking a light-hearted jokester Twitter account. They are a cheap diner funded by drunk college kids and post-performance theatre students, so they obviously don’t take themselves too seriously. Their Twitter account is filled with short, funny tweets that make you giggle as a follower.

#4 Chipotle

Chipotle has definitely nailed their spicy Twitter voice. They are good at following the trends and tweeting for their audience of millenials. They also do a great job at responding to their followers and interacting with them. In the constant war of Chipotle vs. Qdoba, it seems like the social media point goes to Chipotle.

#3 Jimmy Johns

The sandwich shop known for freaky fast sandwiches has proved they are also pretty quick-witted. They have a really funny social media personality, but they also have really funny followers. Almost half of their content is retweets from their hysterical sandwich-loving customers. Work smarter, not harder right?

#2 Moonpie

I’m gonna preface this one by admitting that I actually have no clue what a moonpie is. For these marshmallow chocolate snacks being over 100 years old, their Twitter account is as youthful and trendy as any other. They have a sarcastic sense of humor…which is my favorite, and they are also not afraid to call out and banter with other brands.

#1 Wendy’s

All hail the queen of clapbacks! Of course, Wendy’s has to be number one, because they are the OGs, the founding fathers of the sassy twitter accounts. We were all caught off guard and slightly offended when Wendy’s first started tweeting with some sass, but, like a good trainwreck we couldn’t look away and now here we are indulging ourselves in it. They have remained just as sharp and quick-witted over the years to retain their title as Twitter legends.