2019 With The District
Last night, Rokusek was selected as the 2019 Business of the Year at The District's Annual Meeting. We were honored to be chosen as this year's recipient. We always enjoy working and supporting a nonprofit organization that does so much [...]
Performance Marketing Foundations 1
How to Define Your Key Performance Indicators (& why you need to) Before you begin investing in digital advertising, you need to understand exactly “what” you are advertising in the first place. Sounds easy enough, right? But this is exactly [...]
Retro is back in style
It’s time to celebrate! The Milwaukee Brewers are turning 50 this year and they are treating themselves to a makeover! Recently the Milwaukee Brewers unveiled their new uniforms for the upcoming 2020 season which will mark the team’s 50th anniversary. [...]
A Day In The Life Of Project Management
7:50am I walk into the office with my hands filled with 50 items. I am going to be here for 8 hours I need my purse, laptop, smoothie, first cup of coffee, water bottle, lunch, 3 snacks, and of course [...]
Company Fitness
When you hear the term company fitness, what do you think of? Do you think about sales projections and deficit reductions? Do you think about customer retention? Sure, that type of check-up is important, but I want to focus on [...]
Drawing a Connection
In 1940, a teenager and his dog stumbled across thousands of prehistoric paintings in a cave in Lascaux, France. Archaeologists estimated the ancient depictions of hunting and animals to be 17,000 years old. The accidental discovery was a stunning archaeological [...]
Creating a Logo: Not One and Done
Your wardrobe, hairstyle, computer, password, contacts list and eyeglass prescription. What do all of these have in common? Over the years we can lose sight of the things that are right in front of us that need some attention, that [...]
3 Tips to Freshen Your Social Media
If we were to cover everything you need to make your social media top notch, we would be here for awhile. Instead, I am going to share 3 quick tips that can take your business social media to the next [...]
Racing in Today’s Competitive Market
Should we be of the mindset that being good is appropriate when we're chasing success in today's marketplace?  If so, then perhaps the "good" mindset is creating a log jam.  Today's marketplace is littered with lots of good people doing [...]
The Power of Typography
Working with type is hard. Choosing the right font for your wedding invitations has caused many a bride a fair amount of anxiety. What is this thing called a serif, and how does it impact my gatefold brochure? Comic Sans [...]

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