7:50am I walk into the office with my hands filled with 50 items. I am going to be here for 8 hours I need my purse, laptop, smoothie, first cup of coffee, water bottle, lunch, 3 snacks, and of course a bag for workout clothes’ you get it, it’s a long day.

8:00am The most important part of my day is making coffee for the office because we literally wouldn’t thrive without it. Not gonna say I’m the office hero, but you see what I’m getting at.

8:10am Check the various emails that came in between 5pm-8am

  • Respond to emails
  • Forward project and emails to whom they belong to. AKA: I’m the person on the runway with the light sabers frantically waving my arms around to direct airplane traffic

8:30am Begin the list of things that need to happen today

  • I live by my daily list. Make lists, check lists, check off lists, make new lists about the lists that I need to list
  • I have my planner, project list, project schedule, developer schedule, google calendar, daily list, and list of important questions.
  • Check in with project leads to make sure project deadlines are on track

9:05am Probably about the time to make the second pot of coffee

9:15am Meeting with my manager about current tasks, upcoming projects and deadlines

  • This is where I pull out some of my lists. Especially my list of top questions. I always ask questions, I learn something new everyday

9:30am Start making my way through the list of action items

  • Answer client emails
  • Pass along messages to design or development team
    • This gives me the chance to walk upstairs to hang out with the designers and developers and give them any messages from clients
  • If there are any new projects that come in, I will prepare all the necessary items to start the project
    • Create a new project folder that includes all the project parameters, client correspondence and any important information the project lead should need
    • I will send out an email with all the required items to the lead designer or developer

11:05 am Answer telemarketing phone call from someone trying to sell us a website’.

  • Come on people THAT IS WHAT WE DO! Don’t sell us a service we provide

12:15pm Walk to workouts full of hope and enjoyment for the ability to be physically active and bond as an office

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday the office goes to the gym as a group for workout.
    • This is a huge perk for me as an employee.
    • At workout we push one another to do better and sometimes have to compete. This includes crying, yelling at each other and complaining to the trainer for all the torture they put us through.

12:45pm Crawl back from workouts, slightly dying from burpees and sled pushes and regretting going in the first place.

12:50pm Race up the stairs and into the kitchen prepared to push someone over for the microwave because there are only two with 10 people trying to eat at once.

1pm Finally stop sweating from workout, heart rate back down to resting and check emails that came in over lunch

  • Did we receive any answers from clients, further information from a client, or new projects from clients

2pm Internal Reviews with Projects

  • Are the designers and developers sending through projects to be internally reviewed?
  • If so, I will check the projects over to make sure everything was completed that was supposed to be.
  • If everything looks good, I will send the project along to the client for their feedback or approval

3pm Rewrite blog, hate on blog, delete blog, struggle to write an idea for a blog, rewrite blog again, come up with a brilliant idea for blog about a day in my life.

4pm Eat afternoon snack and go through all the lists once again for project management

  • Check in with project leads to make sure all deadlines were met and all their projects are on target
  • With the information they give me, I will update the weekly project list
  • I will also go through the daily email correspondence and make sure the project list is up-to-date with all that information
  • Check my daily task list to make sure everything I needed to get done, is done. (I LOVE seeing items crossed off, something I write things down just to cross them off )

5pm Shut everything down and head out the door.

5:30pm or longer (occasionally) if there is a lot going on with projects and I am just in the zone. Sometimes duty calls and you grind through the day. In the end the extra work pays off!


All in all, each day and each project is different. A solid routine helps me stay on the right track with the ins and outs of the office. I would not change a single thing about this crazy daily routine I have, because it works for me!