The Modern Company Culture


This coronavirus crisis has catapulted the entire working world years ahead of where we were last week. Just a few days ago, I was walking into an office filled with people and working a typical job from 8 – 5. But, with companies being forced to work remotely, we must now rely on technology to communicate. It has shifted our priorities and working styles in order to adapt to our new world. Now, maybe this whole crisis is just the wake up call we needed to look at our lives from a new perspective and reevaluate. This pandemic has forced us to grow up a little sooner than we expected. But, no one ever said “man, that adversity I faced DIDN’T leave me better off in the end”.

Many experts are predicting that the future working world will be mostly remote. They expect companies to have employees at locations all over the world relying heavily on virtual meetings and digital communication. I think we are specifically fortunate at Rokusek, in that we have the ability to work remotely and access the server. Overall it is a pretty smooth transition for us. Obviously we have the occasional growing pains, but nothing that can’t be solved with a virtual Friday afternoon Quarantini Happy Hour.

Personally, the transition to working at home was rough at first. I struggled to find a routine that worked for me and to decide if I was more productive from the couch, dining room table or as far from the kitchen as possible. A major mindshift that I worked through, was changing from being hour-focused to being project-focused. Being at home by myself I am obviously not being watched by any supervisor. All of the responsibility is on me to hold myself accountable. At first, I almost felt guilty for not working every second between the hours of 8 and 5. I have always had inarguable structure in my life, school started a 8 and ended at 3, practice was from 6 to 8:30, and every other job I had was a “clock-in, clock-out” type of job. This type of freedom was foreign to me.

Rokusek as a company is working towards a more fluid work schedule that allows every employee the flexibility to adjust their hours. We still have required weekly meetings and hours that you must be available to your coworkers. But, overall, our belief is that as long as all of our deadlines are met and projects are being completed to expectation, the hours of the day you choose to work and the location don’t particularly matter.

Overall, I think this is a good wake up call for businesses. We should always be challenging ourselves to think ahead and be innovative. Ultimately it will be up to every company to figure out what works best for them. As we become more familiar with this whole WFH thing, we will be sure to share our tips and tricks with you.