Recapping Social Media Marketing World


I recently had the opportunity to attend the 8th Annual Social Media Marketing World. This Social Media Conference brings together industry leaders, experts, influencers, and more for some great hands-on learning and networking.

A while back I wrote a blog for our Maestro software about Getting the most out of your conference experience where I talked about providing a recap, even if it is just to your team. I thought it was important to do that with this conference.

First of all, there was a LOT of information. It was kind of like drinking from the firehose trying to take it all in.

Once I was able to get back, review the sessions and look over my notes, some trends started to emerge.

1. Story-telling isn’t the next phase, it is necessary now.

There was a lot of talk about algorithms and metrics at this conference. Some of the folks there make a living (and sometimes a pretty good one), playing to the algorithms to maximize the reach and effectiveness of their posts. While this can work, it can also backfire; and even when working it can be costly.

One constant was how quality content wasn’t effected by the algorithms. Time and time again, the best content rises to the top, cuts through the noise and reaches audiences. So, what makes good content? Content that tells a story has and will continue to be the most effective. Stories that connect you and your brand to people will always find a way to rise to the top.

Sure, your offer of 10% off your next purchase might get some clicks, but if you are only posting 10% off, you probably won’t build much of a following, and eventually you’ll need to go to 15% to keep attracting and audience. Creating content that tells your story, shares your WHY, and is uniquely you will be the most effective.

2. Test, then test some more

This mostly pertains to advertising, but can be applied to your organic content as well. In fact, you could take this to heart with all your marketing messages. Rather than taking the message YOU like the most and posting it, taking the time to test various versions to see what will connect with your audience can prove incredibly beneficial (and lucrative).

Testing things such as your Title, Thumbnail, Video Intro, can mean big dollars. When you allow yourself time to test you do two things:

Ensure the greatest possibility of success
Continue to make money during testing (if you are selling online)

Those customers you attract during your testing are still customers! You just ensure that by the end of the campaign you have a lot more of them. What you test and how long to test may be unique, so we suggest working with someone (hint: we do this) that can help you determine what and how long your tests should be.

When it comes to your organic content, testing is no different. Try different things, see what connects with your audience. Is it pictures? Video? Offers? Founder story? See what type of content gets the most traffic and do more of that. Look at what your competitors and other people in your field are doing successfully and figure out how to apply that to your business.

Whatever and however you test, make sure you give yourself time to test all your variables so that you can maximize your impact.

3. Quality over Quantity

This cannot be emphasized enough. Quality matters. Rushing to post something just to be popping up in someone’s feed can do more harm than good. Curating quality content that connects with your audience is something far more important.

You can’t be everywhere, there’s simply too many platforms. Figure out which ones work for you. Yes, they have to work for you. This can’t be what’s comfortable for you, you need to be where your customers are and your content needs to nurture and develop them. Quality content will help you achieve this.

Not sure where your audience is, or what content is quality? See point #2.

Ultimately, social media isn’t a fad. It doesn’t matter if it is TikTok or Facebook, social media is how people are connecting. You need to engage in that conversation so that you can remain relevant to your current customers and attract new ones.

If you aren’t sure where to start, or you want to get better, contact us today to talk about how we can help you achieve your goals.