How many graphic designers does it take to change a light bulb?


Does it have to be a light bulb? ‘Cause I had this other idea…


Let’s be honest. Designers, artists or any other flavor of creative person have a reputation for being… well, different . I would know being a member of the “weird club” pretty much my whole life. We are different . We see the world differently. We act differently . We talk differently. Some see that as a bad thing. I see it as a good thing. In many instances, we’re both right. Let me share a little context.

From a very young age it was apparent that I loved art. Scraps of paper were filled up with drawings while sitting on the pew at church. Even at a young age I saw the value in a well designed cereal box, the better the design usually meant the tastier the cereal inside. T-shirts weren’t just a necessity to cover up a naked body but to show off a cool design to my friends.

I saw the world as a collection of shapes, lines and colors. Now my perception has expanded to textures, typography, pixels, paragraphs, values and the list continues on and on. I realize watching TV, shopping at the grocery store or thumbing through a magazine at the doctor’s office is a different experience for me than the average person. The things that draw my attention may be the way the cinematographer composed the shots in the opening scene of a movie, the fonts used on that cereal box, or the the balance between the imagery and the headline used for a car advertisement.

Not everyone might understand or appreciate the value of proper spacing of the letters in a paragraph, use of photography or balance of color in a layout. There are a cacophony of things to consider when designing, and we are passionate about them all. A good designer will hold the line when it comes to their work. And because of that we open the door to everything from some gentle ribbing to becoming the butt of some cutting (but albeit truthful) jokes.

Laughter is good medicine, and we could all use a good laugh. Sometimes you have to be able to laugh at yourself. Here are some jokes and memes that poke fun and maybe shed some light on the affliction of being creative.

Starbucks has employed a large number of fresh-out-of-school designers.

Fonts are not supposed to be stretched.

(The 4 words above are using 4 different but very similar fonts. And only designers may care.)

There are some fonts that we are fond of and others that we aren’t.

Feedback on a project can be difficult.

Backseat designing is real. Approval by committee is tough. Working in front of an audience is real tough.

When you work with type all day, it’s not that difficult to get caught up in word play.

We are very particular about how we receive logo files. (and I forgot The Rock once had hair.)

All joking aside, does any of this really matter? Is there a real difference between PANTONE 801 & 802 ? Yes.

Why can’t I use Papyrus in my logo? Some fonts just go against common design sense. Ask Ryan Gosling . There are plenty of others to choose from.

Here are some examples of bad design.

Kerning is the space in between two letters. Does it matter? Yes!

It’s usually tacos that do it to me.

An unfortunate series of words that spells something unintentional.

This may seem like a very simply designed card, but I’m sure that Steve Harvey and Miss Columbia remember when bad design impacted their lives.

Your company’s marketing is key to communicating to your customer base and good design plays an important role in accomplishing this. Do you really want to place such an important task into the hands of someone who is not focused on the essential elements of your newest marketing campaign?

I’ll leave you with one last quote that sums it all up.

At Rokusek, we have a knowledgeable and experienced team to help you design and implement your next marketing campaign. Let us help you!