Retro is back in style


It’s time to celebrate! The Milwaukee Brewers are turning 50 this year and they are treating themselves to a makeover!

Recently the Milwaukee Brewers unveiled their new uniforms for the upcoming 2020 season which will mark the team’s 50th anniversary. With these new uniforms, comes an entire franchise-wide rebrand to commemorate the celebratory year and pay homage to the team’s history. Rebrands are always tough to swallow at first. Most people don’t like change and even I was uneasy when I heard they were unveiling a new look.’ The difference here, is that they didn’t create an entirely new logo. Instead, they brought back a previous classic. The team’s future look will now be their history brought back to life. They will be retiring their current script logo and returning to the classic ‘ball in glove logo’ with a slight modernization. But honestly though, did you ever notice this logo combines an “M” and a “B” (for Milwaukee Brewers) to make a baseball glove??? C’mon, how epic is that?

When the news was released, it was all anyone could talk about. It sparked a sense of pride all around the state and in fans across the nation. The team’s new brand is built on community, history, and heritage. Not only is the ‘ball in glove’ logo a brilliant and clever work of design with a hidden meaning, but marks a historic time in franchise past. The team kept the framework of the original logo with a modernized color scheme, new baseball in the middle and connected the “B” to the “M” to represent the connection between the team and the community. I’m not going to say this logo change is the most amazing marketing plan ever, but who else can successfully marry the past and the present, create a sense of future hope combined with historical greatness and nostalgia for a new up and coming powerhouse franchise.

The team knew they wanted to roll out a rebrand for the 50th year. The process began about 2.5 years ago and after multiple logo strikeouts (pun intended) they were struck with a brilliant idea of bringing back the old logo, because why mess with greatness? So, after years of meticulous detailing and hyper-focused messaging they finally unveiled a new era of Brewers baseball, and in my opinion, it was well worth every second of waiting. They masterfully executed a look that is well thought out and planned down to the tiniest detail. Every single piece of their brand has a meaning and connection to the Wisconsin culture. The original ‘ball in glove logo’ was designed by a student at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. The additional brand marks feature references to Wisconsin as well. The classic ‘Barrelman‘ mascot was brought back to life. He was the mascot during the team’s first few years in the league. The mascot is essentially a baseball player with a beer barrel for a torso, a reference to Milwaukee being home to Miller Brewing Company (or maybe because ‘Roll Out The Barrel’ is our unofficial theme song?), the Wisconsin state outline is made of cream clay bricks (unique to southeast Wisconsin, and reference to Milwaukee’s nickname of ‘The Cream City‘) and the wheat baseball (yet another beer reference because it’s Wisconsin, and we like our beer).

Though this look is new and fresh, it’s not unfamiliar to fans. It has only been a few days since the big announcement and fans have not stopped talking about it. I was caught off guard at first wondering if this was just a one-year celebratory look. NOPE. The retro look is here and here to stay and like everyone else in the state, I am 1,000% on board. It’s gonna be the most epic #glovestory ever! I know you we’re all thinking it, but doesn’t this new look fit like a glove?