Racing in Today’s Competitive Market


corporate runnerShould we be of the mindset that being good is appropriate when we’re chasing success in today’s marketplace?’ If so, then perhaps the “good” mindset is creating a log jam.’ Today’s marketplace is littered with lots of good people doing good work. However, what separates the “good” from the “great” work?

“Great” commands unrivaled separation’from the competition. The robust capitalist engine that drives the US economy is fueled by competition.’ So if everyone is performing good work then do we have the iphone or ipad?’ Great work lifts all boats and sets the bar higher for everyone else, thus driving results and performance to new heights. For example…Once the 4 minute mile was ran then elite athletes started running and breaking the 4 minute barrier. Someone needed to be the one to do it before the mindset of everyone else was able to feel like the sub 4 min mile could actually be achieved.

Ask yourself in business – Are we doing great things here or are we just getting by?’ Maybe that’s an unfair question in today’s marketplace because of the sheer extent of competition that does exist.’ Yes I know, sometimes getting by is winning. However, are there areas where you can start to create separation from the competition? If you are 2 steps in front of the competition for the first 1 min there isn’t much distance between the two. However 20 minutes later has now given way to a 40 step gap.’ Thus creating distance. This distance is empowering for both the athlete and the business.’ Making way for confidence and enthusiasm for great things to happen.

race winner

In business it sometimes feels as though we are consumed with trends and what everyone else is doing. Again, just trying to “keep up.” ‘In no means am I advocating for ignoring trends, but I am advocating instead for setting the bar higher in order to accomplish great things.’ Keeping up (good) is different than being the one setting the pace (great.). The leader setting the pace is in a unique position with no one in front of them.’ Rarified air.’ This person or business is in a unique position where they can burn out too hot or can set the pace just right. They are also a target that is being chased vigorously be the rest of the pack.’ There isn’t a lot of room at the front of the pack either. ‘ ‘The people leading, pushing the limits, and trying to be great at what they are doing are slowly separating themselves from the competition and performing things that are great vs good.

In order to overcome the leader at the front of the pack it takes an even greater push to both catch and then surpass them.’ The leader is pulling the competition and the competition is pushing/performing at a higher level than maybe previously thought.’ This race/game/chase leads way to a thriving marketplace where everyone is jockeying for the lead.

What are some things that can be done in my business so I’m not always chasing?’ Great question.’ There are always areas within our businesses that can be pushed or maybe put up/retired.’ Are we doing things because “we’ve always done them that way.” ‘Or are we being objective and daring to accomplish something that may seem scary but has the potential to be great.’ Remember our racer.’ In order to catch the leader the racer must push harder outside of their comfort zone in order to reel in the leader(s.)

What areas within your business can you push?’ Are you just kind of doing what everyone else is doing?’ Going through the motions?’ Maintaining ground? Playing it safe?’ Getting by? If so, then why not make this the year that you push beyond a pace that has typically felt somewhat comfortable.’ P.T. Barnum said – “Comfort is the enemy of progress.” ‘Go get uncomfortable, push the pace, and see what happens!