Marketing Automation takes engagement to the next level!


Our marketing conversations have changed dramatically over the years. Marketing can track it’s history back to the very first markets when people began trading goods and services, and some of the earliest paid advertisements have been traced to the 1600s. In the 1920’s you had companies like National Life and Accident Insurance Company sponsoring radio programming like the Grand Ole Opry; and we’ve all seen the videos of cigarette companies sponsoring the evening news like the Camel News Caravan.

More recently we’ve all become familiar with the onslaught of marketing directed at us as consumers. The American Marketing Association has estimated that consumers are exposed to over 10,000 brand messages each day. With the creation of new technologies and the advent of social media channels, we are now refuse to leave the house without a device that feeds us advertisements and marketing messages almost constantly.

We’ve gone from mass marketing to relationship marketing, and now we’re entering personalized marketing. Everyone has had the ‘big brother’ moment when you search for a specific product, only to have ads for that product appear on other sites. This is just one example of how marketing has become significantly more personalized.

As a business, this can be daunting. You’re already faced with competitors carrying similar products, online shopping pulling customers, and any other number of factors that go into running a successful business’and now you have to fight even harder to get your message not just seen but noticed by your customers.

marketing automation

This is where marketing automation can help your business. Marketing automation cuts through the noise and delivers personalized content directly to the customer when they are ready for it. So, you’re probably asking how they know when to deliver the content. That’s the great part of Automation’.it is based on the customer’s actions. When a customer visits a specific page, watches a video, interacts with your social media, or any number of other interactions, it will trigger a series of automated tasks designed for their interest. Now, it isn’t as creepy as it might sound. Unless they click the ‘send me information now’ button, it doesn’t email them immediately. It will drop them into a funnel and send the appropriate content for their interest. This allows you to segment your list and nurture leads through your sales cycle all without needing to touch every message for each customer.

Marketing automation takes our relationship marketing and makes it personalized (and in some cases hyper-personalized). It increases sales by allowing you to connect to customers on their terms and provide them the information they want, when they want it.

At Rokusek, we have become experts in Marketing Automation and are using it to help several companies generate, cultivate, and convert leads. Marketing Automation has proven results for businesses of all sizes and all industries.

If you would like to know more about Marketing Automation, we encourage you to contact us today and schedule an appointment to talk to us about it Automation can help your business.