The Power of Typography

I never gave much thought to the importance of typography in design until I took a typographic class in college.

I remember being a little intimidated by all of the designs and ads in our research library for this class. There were so many professional ads in magazines by recognized designers using 90% text and they ROCKED! These pieces were literally artwork with no graphics, only using text to create a masterpiece of art. Now it was my turn to have to come up with ads that were similar to these artists…holy cow!

I don’t know if it was because I was still learning this art, if I was wowed by the published artists, if it was because their type of design was totally new to me, or a combo of all mentioned.  All I knew is that there were these bold, beautiful, raw typographic designs that resonated all these emotions out of me, each in a different way.

Every ad was structured differently. Each had its own power. I wanted to learn this so bad! It was cool and most definitely a new challenge that I was willing and eager to take on. It was in this class that I learned the significance of typography design, styles of fonts, weights, positioning on artwork and the POWER each had. It wasn’t just about eye catching graphics anymore. Fonts and typefaces were just as POWERFUL in their own nature. Holy Cow. Epiphany!

I will never forget that college class. It has carried with me throughout my entire career. I still love looking at stunning typography design, especially Art of the Title screens and the typefaces used on them.

I often say that when a typeface is used correctly, it is often overlooked by the viewer – as most individuals don’t often analyze why an ad made them feel a certain way, they just let the emotion wave over them. They don’t give another thought that a font might be literally screaming at them and making them anxious or sad. It’s kind of  neat to play with emotions on the sly.

As designers, we have the ability to evoke emotions with everything we produce. Who would have thought our use of certain typefaces and how we structure and use them in our work could have such a POWERFUL impact on you?

So, what is the lesson here? Choose your fonts wisely because you are literally playing with people’s emotions! You never know how someone will react to what you have put out there for the world to see. Be purposeful with the tools at your fingertips and use them for good…or evil if you choose! Use them, be great, and have fun!

Our team is ready.