Why Planning Your Marketing is Critical


I’m a sports guy (sshh – don’t tell my coworkers, I’m the only one around here)! Sports are fantastic! There’s drama, excitement, winners and losers, camaraderie, teamwork, and so much more. One of the things I love most about sports is that you can get better at it through practice.

Talk to any coach worth their salt and they’ll tell you that even practice doesn’t just happen, you have to plan to practice. Take a group of kids that show up to the gym and shoot free-throws and layups for an hour vs. a group of kids who have a regimented practice that was planned and I’ll take the kids who had a planned practice every time. That’s a no-brainer.

Yet when it comes to our business, especially the marketing of our business – most people become the free throw shooters. Marketing is something that everyone can do to some degree. Of course you can talk about and sell your business – it’s YOUR Business. No one is going to be as passionate about it or be able to talk about the ins and outs like you can. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in a position to handle your marketing efforts on your own.

planning marketing

Creating a plan is an essential part of any successful marketing. You need a gameplan to be successful. Who are the customers you are trying to connect with? Where are they? How can I connect with them? How much money am I going to spend and where? How am I evaluating my success? The list of questions go on and on and the answers help you formulate a plan that can be implemented, analized, honed, and perfected (ok, close to perfected)!

Knowing you need a plan is a good start. You’ve got a foundation, now it’s time to build the house. Just because you know you need a plan, doesn’t mean you know how to create one, or that you have the tools to do so. This is where enlisting the help of professionals come in! You trust your plumbing, electrical, hvac, accounting, legal, and probably other services to professionals – yet when it comes to marketing you go it alone. Why is that? Well, as we already mentioned, you know your business and you’ve likely been successful in doing what you’re doing.

Additionally, companies have created some great tools that can make marketing easier. However, that doesn’t mean that you really know how to use those tools to the best of their ability. To add another sports analogy it would be like giving me a brand new set of expensive golf clubs. My golf game is going to get better because I’m using better equipment. However, that doesn’t mean I suddenly became a good golfer (pretty sure there are still three courses that have my picture up that won’t let me come back for the travesties I’ve committed on their links). Now, if I take golf lessons, practice a lot, and really work at it, my golf game may get to the point where it isn’t embarrassing!

Just like I would utilize the golf pro, the electrician, or the plumber, Rokusek here to help you make the most of your investment. You don’t have to have multi-million dollar budgets, or even hundred thousand dollar budgets. Our firm will work with you to develop a plan that works for your business and your budget. Call us today and set up an appointment to talk about creating a marketing plan and see how much better 2018 can be when you plan for success.