Gratitude and Your Business


In this season of gratitude and thankfulness, take time to reflect. Reflect on how your business got started…

Think about your first employee hire. Think about your first big project. Think about your first paycheck. Think about the big move to the new office after you outgrew the previous one. Big and small, these are the growing pains that evolved and shaped your business into what it is today. However, your business would not be profitable without your clients.

It is so important to take time to thank your clients. They are the your biggest cheerleaders. Your clients believe in you and trust you to get the job done. They are often supporting your business over and over again with repeat business. Small gestures of gratitude will go a long way.


Here are a few ideas to give back to your clients this holiday season’

  1. Holiday Card : A simple and thoughtful gesture of thanks. Design and print a card and send it to your client list. If your client list is tiny but mighty, handwritten thank you’s can feel more personal.
  2. Holiday E-Card : Design a beautifully animated E-card that your clients will receive right in their inbox! Cheer up their work day with a fun holiday message of thanks this season.
  3. Personalized Company Logo Gift : The options are endless’ Customized water thermos, mouse pads, backpacks, USBs, the list goes on. You can put your company logo on just about anything these days. Not only will the client see your logo and remember that you are who sent the gift, but they will use this product day to day and remember your name for when they need your business again.
  4. Holiday Special : Offering a holiday discount or promotion exclusive to your loyal clients during the holidays can encourage more business. At the same time, it will make your clients feel like they are VIP.
  5. Host a Holiday Party : Put together a guest list of your top clients and encourage them to attend. Gathering everyone together builds conversation and connections. A face-to-face Thank You is by far the most genuine.

Rokusek would like to thank all of our clients for all of their support this year. We have an incredible clientele who make coming to work every day so much fun! We appreciate your business and we cannot wait to see where 2018 takes us!