Rekindling Your Inspiration


Girl pretending to flyTrying to find a topic for this week’s blog was really a struggle for me. I knew I had the assignment this week, but the ideas just weren’t coming. Nothing was resonating with me – so I knew it wouldn’t with you. I actually spent a lot of time examining what was going on around me and asking if I saw anything that was worth writing about. Then this morning when I wasn’t looking I was reminded why I love doing this.

I had the opportunity this week to travel to Portland to present at the Oregon Main Street Conference. It was a wonderful experience and I got to meet a lot of wonderful folks I don’t normally get to see. We talked about downtown revitalization, shared stories and laughs, and genuinely enjoyed our time together. This morning I was fortunate to present to a large group of people about ‘Managing Your Digital Presence’. It’s a session I’ve been lucky enough to present to a few different groups now, and I was thrilled that they asked me to come out to the conference to present it.

The presentation was going well and then it got great. Everyone was engaged, there were so many questions and ideas being shared and discussed and I got to moderate a discussion that I believe really helped people and organizations. Afterwards I was able to stop and reflect and realized how much fun it really was. It reminded me how much I like being able to help people and organizations. It’s not often that we get to help 20-30 organizations at once, but that service is what I absolutely love.

Sometimes it’s helping a client create a message that connects them to their customer. Sometimes it’s taking a good message and putting it in a new channel that opens doors for the client. Other times it is just being a fly on the wall and seeing the lightbulb go on for the client when they talk about their message or product. Being at a firm that gives us the opportunity to help is what I love, and what makes it exciting to come to work.

So what is it that gets you excited? What is your passion? We can all tend to lose that fire from time to time. We’re dealing with the tasks of running the business, navigating life’s challenges with family and friends, and can get tired from the daily grind. Everyone once in awhile we need a reminder about why we do what we do. That little gust of wind that reignites our flame and gets us recharged and ready to take on the world.

For me, the group this morning reminded me how much I love what I do and why I do it. If there is something we can do to help you stoke your fires or help you with your marketing let us know. It’s what we love to do!