Explaining some marketing jargon


JargonIt’s been awhile since I talked about some of the popular marketing jargon, and there are a wave of new key phrases every marketer can’t wait to throw out in a meeting. So let’s take a few minutes to break down some of 2017 most popular terms.

A/B Testing

What it isn’t: A lab report that grades your marketing communication.

What is is: A/B testing can be a powerful marketing tool that helps you better engage with your customer. This testing allows you to send different versions of the same communication, with some key things such as subject line or images changed. Let’s say you have a wonderful article, but you aren’t sure which subject line will generate the most opens, or which teaser will give you the most click throughs. A/B testing allows you to send the different versions to smaller groups so you get real results and can send the best possible communication to the majority of your list.

Social Media Marketing

What it isn’t: Facebook Ads

What it is: Social media marketing may consist of Facebook ads, but is so much more. It’s content delivered to your customers through your social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more! This can be done through paid ads, boosted posts, or through regular posts. The goal of these can be to build engagement, brand awareness, increase traffic to your website or bring people to your store.

Marketing Automation

What it isn’t: A cookie cutter process that will spit out communications for your audience.

What it is: Marketing automation is personalized marketing content that is delivered to your audience based on their actions. That means that their interaction with your website and emails, even offline content, will dictate their future communications. People’s actions such as viewing videos on your website, filling out forms, and even clicking on specific pages can trigger communications tailored to them. This helps move them through the sales process to become a customer when they are ready’.without you needing to touch it. Once the automations are set up and the triggers in place, you can focus on running your business and allow your automation to help you develop more customers.

Note: Automation is a wonderful tool, but does not replace other communication methods. It should be used to enhance communications, not replace.

These are just a few of the most popular marketing jargon terms. If you have questions about these, or any other marketing terms or needs, please reach out and contact a marketing professional that can explain everything for you and help you develop a plan suited to your needs and goals.