Is laughter good for business?


How often do you laugh at work? I hope that you laugh often enough that you didn’t just think about how long it’s been since you laughed! Your workplace should be a fun place to be. That doesn’t mean that the work isn’t serious, but you should enjoy it. Laughter is a good thing in the workplace. Yes, there are a ton of mental health studies out there that talk about the benefits, this isn’t one of those articles. I’m more interested in what the laughter means.

To me, laughter in the workplace means that you are probably putting out your best work. If you are happy, relaxed, and enjoying work it almost always leads to your best effort. Conversely, when you dread going to work, and you spend more time watching the clock hoping for the end of the day, your work will inevitably suffer.

Now, don’t get me wrong, work isn’t entirely sunshine and rainbows. However, if your work is more doom and gloom, you may need to make a change. That doesn’t necessarily mean changing jobs either, it may be just a change in attitude. In our shop we are big on actions. If something isn’t going well, what are you doing to change it? Maybe everyone is grinding on a project and you can tell everyone is getting grumpy, so you grab coffee and snacks for the team and give everyone a quick break to re-energize. Perhaps it’s just a gloomy day and everyone’s mojo seems to have disappeared along with the sun, so you hand out nerf guns and start blasting your way to a better mood!

If you dread going to work consistently, talk to a supervisor and see if there may be a better role in the organization for you, but take action. Walt Disney famously said, ‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.’ When you make the decision to be happy you’ll be amazed at how much more the little things fade away, and how much the work you produce improves!

So choose to make your workplace a little brighter today. If you need some ideas on how to do that, give us a call. We can share some ideas and some laughs!