Plan the Work, Work the Plan


marketing plan word clusterJanuary is a great time of year for planning. You’re back from holiday breaks and office parties’and you have hopefully kicked off the new year with a renewed enthusiasm. In order to make 2017 a success, you’ve likely set’goals and developed plans for’how you will attain them. Perhaps they are sales goals, maybe they are performance based, maybe they deal with improving your process. With all that’you may not have created a plan for your marketing.

When it comes to marketing it is easy to avoid making a plan. You may do what you’ve always done, or you may even just say “add ten percent”. But what are you getting for that 10%. Is it effective? Maybe you want to do more social media or a new commercial. But do you have a plan? You may not want to “waste time” putting together a plan when you can spend that time doing the work. It can be a tough instinct to fight, but when you do and you take time to make a plan, other things fall into place.

Having an organized marketing plan allows you to set budgets and goals, and will let you measure the effectiveness of your efforts. Having the plan will also maximize the time you spend later, because rather than shooting blindly and hoping to hit your target, you have a focused plan that you can implement. Creating a plan that lays out your campaigns, objectives, and messaging will usually lead to better results.

So, where do you start? I always encourage companies to talk to a professional. Just like you’go to the doctor for a physical, and’take your car to a mechanic for a tune-up, meeting with a professional is always a good place to start. You know more about your business than anyone, so let them put their knowledge of marketing to work helping your business. Then you can get to work implementing a plan you know will hit the mark.