2017 Marketing Trends


2017 Trends graphicWas your 2016 Lit? Were you savage?

Those are just two of the most trendy words in 2016. Paying attention to trendy words probably isn’t a top priority for you…or us. However, paying attention to trends in your industry is important.’Those trends may let you know what competitors are doing across the country, and what customers may be expecting from your company.

Forbes recently released their 2017 Marketing trends.‘Chances are you are not a marketing firm, but some of those trends are very noteworthy for any business. Those are the trends we’d like to focus on.

Trend #1 – Interactive Content

Since Forbes listed this first, it’s worth discussing. Interactive content is just that, content which you interact with. In most cases, these are polls or quizzes that give you a result based on your answers. We’ve all taken the “What State should you live in?” quiz, but can you take interactive content to the next level? Polls, quizzes, or questions that get your audience responding and engaging have and will continue to provide better overall results.

Trend #4 – Livestreaming

This trend started late in 2016 and certainly doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. With everyone having a cell phone connected to them 24/7, it makes sense that people want to broadcast what they are doing. When done right video is a powerful tool for marketing your business. Livestreaming can be done very successfully, and very poorly. Some things to take into consideration with your video are lighting, background, audio quality, etc. Our cell phones have very good cameras, but you still need to pay attention to these other elements as the good camera will only call more attention to them if they aren’t done well. Sometimes it’s better to skip the Livestream and hire a videographer to make sure your message connects with the viewer.

Trend #9 – Personalization

Personalization, when done well, can be very valuable to a company. Personalization does not mean putting John’s name at the top of an email. It means that through your list cultivation you have developed content specifically for John and/or people like him. These lists are usually put together based on behavior, habits, etc. When you deliver content that is geared to the consumer’s personal interest, your engagement goes through the roof and the results can be fantastic.

Trend #10 – Native Advertising (and the difference between Content marketing)

How this is #10 on the list is the astonishing part to us. Native advertising is definitely a trend that is here to stay. As customers, almost all of us behave the same way. If you have an opportunity to skip an ad or block a pop-up, we do it. We are only interested in the content, not the advertisement. Native advertising is very similar to content advertising, but their is a difference. Native advertising is a way for advertisers to distribute content. Joe’Pulizzi, Founder of the content marketing Institute and self-proclaimed content marketing evanglist, calls native advertising the “gateway drug” to content marketing (in a good way).

Content marketing’on the other hand is a strategic-marketing technique to create and distribute relevant information to attract a target audience. It’s not a paid-and-done transaction, like placing a native ad. Rather, it’s an ongoing process that’s best integrated into an overall marketing strategy. Content marketing can serve as the cornerstone to nearly any marketing plan and works for all types of brands because everyone uses it differently. The key is to be consistent, staying in character for your brand. If that brand voice is clever, interesting or funny, your target audience can’t help but be engaged.

The bottom line is both Native and Content marketing are valuable tools that you will want to take advantage of in 2017.

In Summary

These marketing trends are just a few of what you want to be paying attention to in 2017.

You are busy enough trying to keep up with the trends with your own industry, so why spend time keeping up with all the trends in marketing too? We’re already on top of everything, and in many cases ahead of the industry trends. So why not call us and let us help you make the most of your marketing this year? Call us today to find out how we can help your business.