Tech for Self-Examination, Screening

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

According to, about 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer of the course of her lifetime. This disease affects far too many families and access to preventative screenings and services can be a barrier for people seeking treatment. While there’s no replacement for going to see a doctor to assess your health, but there are steps you can take yourself to recognize a potential problem so you can get tested for breast cancer. Consistency in self-screening is key, and tech for self-examination and screenings is here to help.

Self-exams help women become more aware of their bodies, and doing self-screenings on a regular basis can help women recognize changes in their breasts and report to doctors if a significant change is noticed. The smartphone applications below were created with the goal to inform and teach people about breast cancer, walk people through self-examinations, and keep people up-to-date on the latest cancer therapies being used throughout the country.


This tech for self-examination from Boarding for Breast Cancer will remind you monthly to perform your exam and will also teach you the best methods you use when doing your exam. It is a free application that provides education about prevention and treatment of breast cancer. By downloading the app, you will have access to content curated around breast cancer awareness and also get tips on living a healthy lifestyle.

American Cancer Society

In addition to being a great resource for information about all types of cancer, the American Cancer Society website allows you to sign up for breast cancer screening reminders and connect you with healthcare providers in your area. The reminder comes to you after filling out an online form with some information. After that, an email will come to your inbox with all the steps you need to take to schedule a screening. If you’re not sure of the screening plan you should take, the website also provides breast cancer screening guidelines.

Check Yourself!

This simple app helps you remember your monthly self-exam with an automatic reminder sent via a push notification. It also gives you step-by-step information with how to perform your exam. It’s predicted that 40% of diagnosed breast cancers came from self-detection, so use this app to take charge of your health!

Cancer Coach

In the event that you receive a diagnosis, seeking outside support is a good idea to help manage your health. The Cancer Coach app can provide you with information specific to your diagnosis and also includes a calendar, a notepad and audio-recording to help you keep track of questions you would like to ask your doctor and it will also connect you with support groups in your area.

Breast cancer is a disease that takes a lot from the families of this country, and taking any steps to help prevent it can chip away at the statistics. In addition to reminding yourself to self-exam, it is a good idea to consult with a doctor to figure out if you are at risk. There are many organizations that specialize in raising money for breast cancer research and treatment, so if you have the means and desire to do so, find a local cause that you can help and meet other people interested in the health of the community.