Breast Cancer Awareness Marketing

Breast Cancer Awareness Marketing can take many forms, whether that be digital or analog, it's important.
Breast Cancer Awareness Marketing can take many forms, whether that be digital or analog, it’s important.

It’s a statistic many people don’t know, but breast cancer is the most commonly undiagnosed cancer among African-American women. Although white women have a higher incidence of breast cancer, African-American women have the highest death rates from breast cancer among all racial and ethnic groups. Every October, businesses and organizations paint the world pink in the name of raising money and awareness for this important cause with breast cancer awareness marketing tactics. It’s amazing how much money this branding done by businesses raises, but there is still more to be done to reach the various groups that are affected by breast cancer.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the reason for this. Some researchers assert that black women tend to have more aggressive, harder to treat cancers, some cite poor access to screening and health care services’most claim it’s a combination of contributing factors. What’s clear is that women of all ethnicities and races need to be aware of the signs of the disease, and marketing of services and information could make an impact.

Every campaign has a target audience that it connects with through specialized avenues to be effective. Different messages will appeal to different groups and different types of media should be used. In instances like this when you’re attempting to appeal to a broader range of women, it’s important to find a common linking factor. While it’s not clear the exact reasoning why minority women, not just of African-American descent, have a higher mortality rate from breast cancer, it’s clear that many women struggle with accessing preventative care due to a lack of health insurance or awareness of clinical services in their area. There are a couple of ways to address this while marketing and distributing essential information to all women.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Marketing Locally

It’s great how many large companies and corporations have joined in the effort to raise money for the cause, but some suggest that ‘Pinktober’ is more of a marketing ploy at this point than an honest attempt to gather donations. If your business decides to participate, that’s great, but consider having a local focus to your campaign’that includes having a local campaign beneficiary.

The breast cancer organizations of your community or region are more knowledgeable of the needs of women in your area than anyone else. By donating directly to these organizations or by participating in local campaigns, it is likely that more of your money will actually go to financial assistance for patients and preventative care.

Participation in these local campaigns can be a powerful tool in the fight against breast cancer because it provides businesses and brands the opportunity to distribute specific information to people in innovative ways to make sure that all women know there is support out there for them. Almost all organizations provide some form of financial assistance or free services/screenings to those in need. Finance and access are the largest barriers to consistent screenings, marketing with of services within your area can boost awareness and maybe even save a life.

This will not only create good PR for your business, it will make a real difference for women in your community. This is not to diminish the work done by many reputable national organizations, as they have worked extensively to do what they can against this horrible disease, but by fighting locally, you can contribute to the cause in an arguably more impactful way.

  • Content Marketing

When you have a question about something where do you go first? We’re willing to bet that you type it into your smart phone and click on one of the first results the search engine comes back with. The links that are displayed are the most relevant to your search and reputable based on what the search engine spiders bring back to your browser.

By using content marketing strategy, your business or clients can generate articles with the information people in your area and beyond are looking for. Make sure that these articles are well-researched and have cited sources to back up claims or else you’re putting your credibility at risk. These articles can be as simple as compiling best resources for patients to an informational page about ways to donate to breast cancer research.
There are various ways to fight this disease that affects so many people in America. The use of breast cancer marketing can be beneficial in that is can deliver information to people that don’t know about all the resources at their disposal. Encouraging someone to get screened just may save a life..