What is a perfect logo?


Logo TextHave you ever thought of your logo as a marketing tool? I hope so. Don’t think it matters? Tell that to Kleenex, Coca-cola, and so many others. Your logo is a full time representative of your business. It is very possibly the most authoritative element of your marketing.

Developing an business logo can be a challenging task. In the design process you will likely over-critique nearly every single thing about your logo design, and probably make several (or many) changes trying to get it just perfect. You won’t, so don’t. Instead of ‘perfect’ strive to make it memorable and effective.

There are a few things that your logo should be.

  1. Be professional. Regardless of your industry or business, it needs to be professional. This doesn’t mean that it has to be stiff, rigid and look like a bank or lawfirm (unless you are a bank or a lawfirm). What we mean by professional is that it is indicative of your profession. If you are a daycare you will likely have a much different color scheme and typography than an accountant or medical facility.
  2. Be evocative of your business. What is your brand? Are you young and trendy? Perhaps you are secure and established? Whatever your brand (remember from last month, your brand is everything about you), your logo should seamlessly coincide with that brand and remind customers of who and what you are.
  3. Be unique. You want to stand out. If you look like all of your competitors, how will your customers know that you are any different? Your logo should remind your customers that you are not like your competition.

There are also a few things that should be avoided in designing your logo.

  1. Don’t try to tell the story. As we mentioned above, your logo should be evocative of your business. This does not necessarily mean depictive of your business. Do not try and tell a story or let customers know everything you do through your logo. At best it will be busy and hard to read.
  2. Don’t try and be everything to everybody. It needs to be about your business, appeal to your core customers, and remind your customers what makes you great. When you try to be all things, you lose your identity. So be yourself, that’s what makes you great!
  3. Don’t do it yourself. Too often we work with clients who have attempted to do their logo themselves. Perhaps they have a software program or maybe they have an artist in the family. This often results in a ‘forest for the trees’ scenario where objectivity is lost and the end result is more about the owner’s likes than the business’ brand. I strongly encourage you to work with a professional on your logo design. This is a large piece of your marketing, and something that will identify your business. Just as you would hire a plumber to install plumbing in your business, you should hire a firm that is equipped to work with you to develop the right logo for your business.