Joining the Team


Any time you have turnover amongst your staff, having the “team” element can be difficult. As the new addition to the Rokusek staff I was certainly unsure about what I was getting into. For one thing, I’ve never worked in an office with co-workers. When I was with the Boy Scouts I worked from my home and covered 4500 square miles by myself. The co-workers I did have I only got to see once a week – if I was lucky. Having said that, those co-workers and I have special friendships and bonds developed over seemingly endless conversations while we each spent countless hours behind a windshield.

My first day at Rokusek felt a bit awkward. I’ve had the pleasure of working with my now co-workers over the past several years, but as a client. After our first meeting of the day, I felt like I was supposed to go back to my own office across the parking lot. That awkwardness faded quickly as I started to learn our processes, our seemingly endless capabilities, and my new co-workers.

From the start they have been incredibly patience and welcoming to me. They have treated me not like the newbie but as just another cog in our fast-moving wheel. They have invited me to lunches, out for drinks, and just popped in to chat. I knew I was “part of the team” when they left me surprises – we’ll call them notes – around my office.

They are an amazing group of talented individuals that put egos aside, rely on each others strengths and skills, and come together to form the incredible team that is Rokusek Design. I’m honored that they have welcomed me into the team, and motivated to do everything I can to help this team that has made me feel at home in my first three weeks at Rokusek.

Maybe it’s because I am the newbie. Maybe it’s the gorgeous weather we’ve been having. Maybe it’s just the right fit at the right time. Whatever the reason, we’ve got an exceptional team at Rokusek and I think we are all excited about the things we are doing and the direction we are headed. To my new staff members I would offer my sincerest thanks for making this transition go so smoothly. I’m thrilled to be here and excited to come to work with such dedicated, creative people each day. Thank you.

–Travis Brown, Director of Business Development.