Quincy Public Library Logo & Website


Quincy Public LibraryWe’re honored and very proud to have been chosen to design and develop a new website (www.quincylibrary.org) for the Quincy Public Library. So much so, in fact, that we also collaborated with the Library on a new logo! And, given our love for what we believe to be the finest department in the City of Quincy and the finest library in the entire world –‘we created the logo at no charge.

Our team worked very closely with QPL Executive Director Nancy Dolan and Director of Marketing Ruth Cuthbertson and the QPL staff on both the website and logo, and we thank them for their input and insight.

The library’s website follows Responsive Design Principles in order to have a’mobile-friendly site‘that displays beautifully on tablets and smartphones, as well as on traditional laptops and desktops.

There were several major usability and informational requests the library had:

  • that a multi-channel search box be very prominent on the site, as it’s used extensively by patrons to search the catalog, Google, and the site
  • that it be easy for QPL staff to update and manage
  • that it be easy for patrons to navigate

Of course, these were just a few of the issues that were addressed… given this was the first site redesign in almost a decade, there were many issues the library staff wanted to look at to improve the user experience for patrons, get the word out about the value of the library to the community, and generally make more of their incredible services available to patrons.

The Library was also in need of a new logo… so we listened to what management and staff (and patrons) had to say about the Library, and its mission. We reviewed library logos from other towns and cities, and then we put pencil to paper (and bytes to screen).

The Rokusek Design team presented several options to QPL, and after a few revisions, a selection was made. The icon is an opening book and the typographical treatment of the text was designed with readability and clarity in mind.

The logo’s icon is meant to be dynamic and evocative of the adventure of reading, and a clear visual identifier when used digitally, on signs, banners, and other collateral. The logo’s font is Biko, with revisions on letter spacing (kerning) and other small but essential tweaks.

Quincy Public Library is celebrating their 125th Anniversary this year, and we’re extremely proud to be a part of that by designing and developing the new website and logo. Here’s to the next 125 years!