Image Search is Magic(ish)


So we saw an image that we knew our friends would enjoy — this shot of the first Mac “laptop” and the latest Mac Air:

Mac Image Search

Our problem was, we didn’t know what the early model was called, and, we wanted to make sure this was legit (turns out, not everything on the Internet is true). How to find out more information?

Well, Google (or “the Google” as our Bus Dev guy keeps calling it) has a nifty feature that might as well be magic. It’s called, simply, “Image Search.” Yep, regular ol’ Google Image search. It’s pretty complicated (well, no, it’s really not)… drag & drop or upload or link to a photo, hit “search” and in 0.68 of a second links to more images, and information on the content of the photo shows up.

Imagine trying to find out what was in an image 20 years ago (heck, try 10 years ago) — a visit to a library, or in this case a tech shop of some kind, or an Apple store would be your best bet. And even then it would be more a matter of finding the right person than finding a book with the answer.

So… turns out the Mac on the left is a Colby Walkmac (later, to avoid a lawsuit, changed to Colby SE30), an Apple-sanctioned mod put out by Colby Systems in 1987. This baby weighed in at an airy 13 pounds. Packed a full 1MB of memory. And only set you back $6,000.

So… not sure what’s most amazing about this. That in 27 years laptops have advanced so incredibly. Or that in less time the ability to source an image – and find out all kinds of information about it in less than a second – is possible. Or that we’re able to write this all up, and make it available (publish it, in other words) to hundreds or thousands of people in just minutes. All three of these things can mean only one thing: we’re living in the future.

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