Illinois Main Street: HQBD Wins Innovation Award


We’re very happy that our partners at the Historic Quincy Business District (HQBD) won the’2013 Innovation Award from Illinois Main Street. Awarded for, the cooperative e-commerce site for HQBD businesses. Oh, and that we developed for our friends at HQBD and GREDF (the Great River Economic Development Foundation). was the brainchild of Travis Brown, the Executive Director of HQBD. After discussing the need to provide a single website that would allow any HQBD member business to have an e-commerce site at a very low price point, Travis came to us asking if such a thing was do-able, and if so, what would the cost be?

We said “heck yeah it’s do-able,” or something similar, and sat down to figure out HOW to do it. We then presented the HQBD with a formal proposal (that basically covered costs: our goal working with HQBD isn’t to make money, it’s to help our downtown as much as possible, while still paying our staff). Travis reviewed it with his Board, and decided to seek a partnership on the cost with GREDF. Once that agreement was reached, development started.

Thanks to the flexible WordPress platform, we were able to design and build a website that provides each member business that signs up with their own fully functional e-commerce website. In fact… the individual stores can point their own custom domains (, for instance) at their store and have it load just as if it was a stand-alone site.

And… if they decide they’d like to take their store out of and host it elsewhere — they can! Each store is a stand-alone e-commerce website.

Again, thanks to the Historic Quincy Business District, Travis Brown, and GREDF for inviting us to partner with them on!

We’d also like to congratulate Terry and Bret Austin of Austin Properties for their award of’Outstanding Main Street Property 2013. This was another very well-deserved honor, as Austin Properties has taken a unique way of evaluating businesses that want to rent to make sure they fit with the existing businesses in their immediate area, and that they have a viable chance of succeeding.

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